is a consumer dairytech company that exists to serve the finest and finesse dairy products; collected and made directly at the source to ensure the best-in-class quality and authenticity

We are a sweets-focused consumer foods company headquartered in Dhaka, specializing in traditional sweets and delicacies, especially items that celebrate and promote the legacy of our nation’s culinary heritage. As the people of Bangladesh, we prevail from a land where almost every occasion or traditional festival is identified with the exchange of sweets. This inherent love for sweets and such delicacies is part of who we are, and it is a beautiful part of the culture that we must never part with.

At Gowala, we aim to supply and satisfy our customers with our exquisite products, and alongside also create a platform for the traditional sweets and delicacies derived from our history. We respect our traditions and the cultural significance of our heritage, and we try to keep them alive through the stories of our products.

We source our diverse range of delicious sweets and desserts from various parts of the country ensuring food safety in every step of the production process. We always make an effort to bring each of our products directly from their place of origin – not only so that our customers can enjoy the authentic taste and exotic flavors of these delicacies, but also so that we stay true to our vision of keeping the legacy of our culinary heritage intact.