is a consumer dairytech company that exists to serve the finest and finesse dairy products; collected and made directly at the source to ensure the best-in-class quality and authenticity

For most millennials- and for the generations predeceasing and succeeding them, milk has been the ultimate-everything in all things; be it that both beloved & execrated glass of warm milk in breakfast or before bedtime or the finesse made myriad delicacies. Whatever it be, we all have something written in the diary of memories pivoting around dairy.

If asked to anyone in the Indian subcontinent for the sublime & subsequent mien of majesty, the quintessential answers are bound to have the word, “Mughal” in them, among others. And in culinary terms, what mostly differentiates other foods from Mughal cuisine is their ply of Malai. The trend caught on not only just in those sumptuous banquets but also some diurnal as our daily doses of tea – The Malai Cha, the various Malai curries and so on. Not just in gastronomic fields, milk has been the symbol of ultimate purity and luxury as to such extend that royals and nobles would bathe in it.

In retrospect, there has always been a ubiquitous usage of milk in the oriental part of the world; especially the Indian sub-continent – the rich culture of cream-rich sweetmeats patronized by the rich of the society.

It was this nostalgia that nodded to Gowala founder and CEO, Bogra-born Md Shafiul Alam. As he saw his child growing up in the bustling capital city, without never getting to know that rich, glace, creamy & light tawny-colured yogurts in those time-honored burned clay pots. Wrapped around the neck of the pots with jute ropes, it was a quotidian scene for a boy Shafiul Alam growing up in the northern town. It became a part of his identity and heritage even as it had been so with all born to that land of famed yoghurt. That call-of-heart he shares with dessert-enthusiast and fellow townsman, co-founder & COO, Rubayat Hossain. The two northerners’ node-of-nurture was shared by their central and southern epicure friends & fellow founders Mahadi Hassan Sagor & Md. Saimum Hossain. Thus was born a brand with and for the love of sweet natural delicacies – Gowala Foods.

Starting its operations with the simple and suave sweetmeats and dairy products such as Ghee – Clarified Butter, MistiDoi – Sweet Yogurt, Khirsa, Sondesh, Plain Milk, Khejurer-Gur – Date-Jaggery; Gowala aims to expand in all the elements of culinary arts while maintaining a premium quality and service to all who hold dairy dear. Inspired in the motto – “Sic Parvis Magna” (Great things from humble beginnings); Gowla aims not just to supply and satisfy its customers, but create a platform for all things dairy and the delightful creations those beget. Here at Gowala, we respect traditions, but also reciprocate the trends also.